1 Hr Taster Session / Basic Lesson.

1 Hr Taster Session / Basic Lessons

Looking to learn how to ride but not too sure on how to approach it?

A 1hr Taster lesson is a great place to start. We recommend that all new riders have a basic lesson before attempting a CBT.

Learning the very basics of how to ride will make your day that much more enjoyable .

“You didn’t learn to run before you could walk!”

Give yourself that extra bit of tuition and make time to try one of our basic lessons before booking your CBT.

If you are good then we may even be able to turn your basic lesson into a full CBT on the day.

You can book your basic lesson directly from our site.

We do basic lessons on Tuesdays / Wednesdays from our site in Gedling. Alternatively you can book a Taster session on Saturdays at our Clifton site.

or give a call to discuss your needs.


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