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Direct Access Info & Prices

Our unique way of teaching and great pass rates have proven that you done need to worry about “Shall i pass or Will i pass” Let us worry about that.

We also provide the latest technology, like highly maintained modern motorcycles, Little things like speed guns just to make sure you get up to the right speed thats required to pass the Module ONE test. We even have a camera mounted on the instructors bike to show you where you are going wrong, so you can see it first hand.This will give you the best chance of achieving your dreamam. “FIRST TIME”

Bike-2-Bike radios are used throughout all of your training for you to hear specific instructions from either Ken or Steve, not for listening to Radio Trent.

Getting used to having a voice in your ear will serve you well and wont be a such a shock when your examiner starts giving you instructions during you final Module 2 Test.
All BIG Bike lessons are charged as follow:-

1HR Lesson This is a 1hr lesson with the instructor, to help you use the clutch, gears and brakes correctly. £30.00
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New To Biking / CBT Prices

Bike-Torque Nottingham’s Price List for  Compulsory Basic Training (C.B.T.)


Compulsory Basic Training (C.B.T.) was introduced back in 1990 to try and reduce the very high accident rate among new (And born again, for that matter) bikers. C.B.T. must be completed before a rider is allowed to ride on the road with L-plates and on a machine of no more than 125cc with or without gears.The DL196 Certificate that is issued on the day if successful,is valid for a period of 2 years.


Please make sure you bring with you BOTH parts of your Driving Licence.


Sensible clothing I.E. Jacket Jeans Gloves and footwear, (NO SHORTS AND FLIP FLOPS) Not only will we not permit you to ride in such attire. We will also laugh at you.”Honest” You have been warned.


We supply gloves, helmet and waterproofs if required so dont worry.


1HR Taster Lesson Basic one hour lesson.This is a one on one lesson with the instructor, to help you use the clutch, gears and brakes correctly.


Compulsory Basic Training CBT Compulsory Basic Training on your own bike. £99
Compulsory Basic Training CBT Compulsory Basic Training on our hire bike. £110

You can book your CBT Lesson right now!

To Book Now, please visit the book online section of the site.

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CBT Nottingham | Welcome to Bike-Torque


CBT Nottingham and Motorcycles Lessons

for all your CBT Nottingham and motorcycle training needs in the Bulwell / Basford / Gedling / Arnold and Clifton / Ruddington areas of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire – from CBT 125cc or Direct Access, all at competitive prices. We are a new school with LOTS of experience. Both of our instructors have over 30 years of motorcycling experience each. We cater for every one, Men or Women, 16 yr olds to Grandads.

Bike – Torque Motorcycle School is firmly established with over 60 years motorcycle experience. We are Nottingham’s first choice for a motorcycle training school and your number one choice for all your Motorbike training needs. Starting your journey to Motorbike Heaven is just a call or mouse click away with Bike – Torque Motorcycle School – The local specialists in your CBT test, Restricted (A1, A2) and Full Licence (DAS) Motorcycle Training in Nottingham.

At Bike -Torque Nottingham, we use the latest technology to make sure you get yourself the flying start that you deserve, such as speed guns. Speed guns make sure that you are up to the right speed for the module 1 part of your test.

Alot of students fail Module 1 , simply because they are not upto speed!

We cover all bases, with an extensive list of motorcycle training courses. Ranging from Basic Introductory Lessons, CBT (Compulsory Basic Training), Restricted (A1/A2) Licence and the Direct Access Scheme (DAS) for those wanting a fully unrestricted motorbike licence.

At Bike -Torque School of Motorcycling we reduce the chances of you failing, simply by keeping up to date and giving you the technology that’s available to us, to assist you in passing your bike test with “flying colours”.

Contact us for more info.

For CBTs call: 07742 856 325

For Big Bikes and Direct Access call: 07742 856 326

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